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What is DevAndDev?

DevAndDev helps developers of any level finding the perfect companion for pair-programming. Let us know what are your favorite languages and in which days of week and hours of the day you are available for some pair-programming and we will try to find the best match

Will DevAndDev spam me?

We do the best to send you as few as possible email notifications. If you have a verified email, we will send you a notification when you receive messages from other users

Is my email address visible to other users?

No. We just send an email with a link to our chat, so you can chat with other users through our website

Does DevAndDev provide video conference tools?

No. We just match users. You can use your favorite video conference or code sharing tool. Just use our chat to exchange links or invitations to virtual rooms

What is the language level?

For each language, you can set three levels: Novice, Proficient, Expert. We will try to match you with a developer of the same level. You may be matched with programmers of different levels, depending on other factors, like availability or priority.

What is the language priority?

For each language, you can set three priorities: High, Low, No. Set High if you enjoy working with that language, whatever your level is. Set Low if it's not your best choice, but you are fine working with it if there aren't other developers who love your favorite (yet exotic) language. Set No if you want other users to know your skills, but you don't want to work with it.

My favorite language is not available!

Just file an issue or create a pull request and we will be happy to add it!

Why all times are in UTC?

Because you will deal with developers from all over the world and keeping updated with all local times can be frustrating for humans (and painful for programs)

I don't have any matches!

DevAndDev is a newborn community, so it's possible that there isn't yet the perfect match. You can try adding more languages in your preferences or adding more slots to your weekly schedule (but only if you are available). And look to Affinities, where you can chat with other users, even if their schedule is not matching yours.

What is Code Now?

Are you in front of your pc wondering if any other developer in the world wants to join you for some coding? Just keep Code Now page open and you'll see all other users on the same page, in realtime!

What is Affinities?

In the Affinities page, you can see a list of some developers who love the same languages as you. From here you can start chatting with them.

What is Schedule?

In the Schedule page, you can see a list of possible pair-programming slots in the next week. You see only users compatible with your availability schedule.